Bleecker Flower Shop  began in 2018 in West Village devoted to the craft of flower arranging creating unique floral arrangements and installations for luxury events, private dinners, weddings and bespoke commissions. 

The studio offers a door into a world of colors and textures drawing inspiration from the historical,  the cultural and the crafted of Southern Europe and the dynamic spirit of New York City where the studio is born.

Committed to their clients, Bleecker Flower Shop manifesto is:

  • We believe in craftsmanship, all our creations and the products we sell are crafted with care.

  • We believe in using the highest quality flowers and materials, from the best growers and manufacturers

  • We believe in nature in the purest form, always getting inspired by gardens from all over the world.

  • We believe above all in providing a remarkable service.  Our customers are our top priority and we always want their full satisfaction.


Bleecker Flower Shop was established by Spanish co-founders Valeria Castillejo and Bebes Ferrer after years of friendship.


Valeria’s relationship with nature comes from old heritage, as her family run  a prestigious flower business in Europe.  Since very young, she learned the art of flower arranging by working closely with her grandmother and aunts creating floral installations for major fashion brands, commissions and weddings.  The knowledge acquired during these years, together with her sensibility for color, strong aesthetics and keenness for nature, is what she brings into each of her creations. 

Bebes, grew up surrounded by the most impressive countryside in Spain, where she developed at an early age her passion for flowers and technique creating floral arrangements for close friends and family. Mom of 2, she’s highly resolutive and driven, juggling her family and business with admiration. 


Together, with their genuine curiosity, they have developed the studio’s unique style - refined yet wild paired according to habitat and season. Inspired in what they’ve seen and where they’ve grown, their intention is to bring with Bleecker Flower Shop decades of heritage, color and joy.